Historical Photogrammetry – Reconstruction of Bird’s Paluxy River Dinosaur Chase Sequence

This is probably my favorite video made by the press, describing the research my colleagues and I recently published in PLOS ONE.
In 1941, Roland T. Bird excavated a large section of trackway, in which a large theropod and sauropod appeared to be moving in the same direction at about the same time. When the rock was removed, it was split up. 1/3 of the sequence resides at the AMNH, another 1/3 at the Texas memorial museum, and the final third has been lost.
We used photographs taken at the time, over 70 years ago, and applied photogrammetry to them to reconstruct the entire sequence, including the lost section.

Hopefully this will be a useful tool for palaeontologists and archaeologists if they can find photographic evidence of lost or destroyed important specimens.

You can find the full paper, open access, here:

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