[Academic Tech] Surface Laptop Studio with an eGPU – performance and review.

My last post compared the raw performance of my new Surface Laptop Studio (SLS) against my old Desktop and my wife’s M1 Macbook Pro.  The results were not particularly exhilarating to say the least. The SLS was mostly ok when plugged in, holding it’s own against the MacBook Pro in simple rendering/photogrammetry, but losing out... Continue Reading →

[Academic Tech] Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

A few weeks ago, and with the upcoming Society of Experimental Biology annual meeting coming up, I decided to try out the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. I was interested in a device I could use for taking notes on during talks, much as I have in the past with my Surface devices (mainly the Go... Continue Reading →

I’m A Reality Capture Convert.

Since I first started getting into Photogrammetry in a serious way, with my 2012 paper on using Bundler and PMVS, and throughout much of this blog’s life, I’ve been a massive proponent of free and open-source photogrammetry software.  For years I used COLMAP, and then Meshroom. The latter was particularly good, offering a full pipeline... Continue Reading →

[Academic Tech] Sony a6400 ‘review’

A few months back I finally upgraded from my trusty Sony Nex-6 to the newer Sony a6400. I've only just got around to having the time to write a review. This 'review' will very much be a ramble about my feelings using the camera, not a technical, specialist review. If you want one of those,... Continue Reading →

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