Meshroom 2021.1.0 – What’s new, and what parameters to tweak

Last week the binaries for AliceVision Meshroom 2021.1.0 were released.  I’ll take a look at what’s changed since the last time we took a look at Meshroom.  Meshroom 2020 and texturing. The last time I posted specifically about Meshroom, it was version 2019.2. I didn’t make a post about 2020.1.0 mainly because texturing broke. Previously... Continue Reading →

PhDs on offer with competitive funding

The LJMU Scholarship scheme has opened once again. PhD's on offer: Biomechanical function of the metatarsals in digitigrade animals.Using computer generated social stimuli to examine the behavioural, hormonal, and neural responses to agonistic signals in a highly social fishMolecular and 3D morphological analysis of fossilised parasitesParticle Physics for Manufacturing Unlike previous years where students applied... Continue Reading →

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