New paper: Constructing and testing hypotheses of dinosaur foot motion

Today sees the online (in press) publication of work I've been showing off since early in my Marie Curie Post-doc, way back in 2012! Falkingham, P.L., Turner, M.L. and Gatesy, S.M. (2020), Constructing and testing hypotheses of dinosaur foot motions from fossil tracks using digitization and simulation. Palaeontology. doi:10.1111/pala.12502 The paper's open access, so click... Continue Reading →

The Historical Photogrammetry Challenge – over to you!

In 2014, colleagues and I published a photogrammetric reconstruction of the Paluxy River dinosaur ‘chase sequence,’ as generated from photographs taken before and during its excavation in 1940. (Blog post here). Photogrammetry has become pretty common now; commercial and open source programs are widely being used by all kinds of people, including palaeontologists, and there are... Continue Reading →

Stop being so picky, Goldilocks

[This post is about a new paper available freely here] In 2012* with colleagues at Manchester we published a paper entitled ‘The 'Goldilocks' effect : preservation bias in vertebrate track assemblages.’ If I were to give you a simple one-liner for the paper, it would completely undermine the effort went into the paper…   that if... Continue Reading →

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