PhD/Job Opportunities

I am currently seeking grad students and post-docs to come join my lab at LJMU.


For the past few years, LJMU has offered competitive PhD funding. This has generally opened around December/January, so if you’d be interested in applying for that, I’m happy to help you develop a project. Note that this funding is highly competitive, and the future continuation of the scheme is currently uncertain. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Alternatively, if you can secure your own funding, I would be happy to discuss taking you on. This may involve securing funding from an external source, or self-funding and undertaking your studies part-time (this is not ideal, but is an option. If you want to pursue this avenue, you will need to demonstrate you will be able to balance studies and work).


I am not currently advertising any post-doctoral positions. However, if you are interested in coming to work with me at LJMU for a post doc, I am happy to help you develop a proposal and apply for funding. I’ve listed potential post-doc funding sources below.

Post-doc funding sources.

Marie Curie fellowships (I had one of these – it was excellent!)

Newton International fellowships

NERC Fellowships

Royal Society Fellowships

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

BBSRC Discovery Fellowship

BBSRC Returners to Research Fellowship (If you’ve been out of research for 2+ years for family/caring reasons)

1851 Fellowship – more engineering oriented.