Currently funded research projects

2022-2023 Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE). P.I. Simulating footprint formation, from Humans to Dinosaurs (15,000,000 core hours)

2018-2022 – Co-PI. X-rays, 3D animation and human locomotion. NSF, in collaboration with Kevin Hatala (Chatham University) and Stephen Gatesy (Brown University). EAR-1824821

Funding awarded for PhDs:

Past grants

2020 – 2020. PI. Simulating hominid footprint formation. PRACE Supercomputer preparatory grant.

2018-2021 – Co-I. Bones in motion: A new integrated experimental-computational approach to understanding the evolution of human locomotion. (PI K.T. Bates, University of Liverpool) RPG-2017-296

2015 – 2019. Co-PI. Birth of a dinosaur track: formation dynamics and the origin of footprint diversity. NSF, in collaboration with Stephen Gatesy (Brown University). EAR-1452119

2015 – 2017. PI. Extrapolating ground reaction force from bird footprints. EPSRC Leadership award (ARCHER).

2015 – 2016. Co-I. Integrated software solution for the 3-dimensional capture and analysis of footwear evidence. NERC, in collaboration with Matthew Bennett (PI, Bournemouth University).

2014-2015. PI. Using computer simulation to study dinosaur biomechanics from fossil footprints. XSEDE supercomputing resource, (NSF). With Stephen Gatesy (Brown University)

2012 – 2015. PI. Reconstructing dinosaur/bird locomotor evolution: 3-D track simulation and x-ray validation. Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship, in collaboration with Stephen Gatesy (Brown University) and John Hutchinson (Royal Veterinary College).

2013 – 2014. PI. Simulating bird and dinosaur footprints. XSEDE supercomputing resource, start-up grant (NSF).

2012 – 2013. PI. Understanding limb motion in birds and dinosaurs traversing deep substrates. HECToR pump priming/New research [BBSRC and in collaboration with NERC]

Funded PhDs

2016 – 2021. PhD Supervisor. Mass and pressure distribution (LJMU centrally funded)

2016 – 2019. PhD Supervisor. Hydrodynamics of Plesiosaur necks. (LJMU faculty funded)

Funding awarded for undergraduates:

2018. Supervisor. Regionalization in plesiosaur necks (Palaeontological Association, awarded to Shaleen Glasgow).

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