Lab Members

Current Lab Members:

Post-docs and Research Fellows

Jens Lallensack (German DFG fellowship) 2020 – 2022.

Jens work on fossil tracks involves 3D analysis of trackways parameters to infer gaits of dinosaurs. Google scholar.

Post-grad Students

Cat Strickson: PhD, Underfoot pressures and centre of mass evolution (Start Sep 2016, Submitted Jan 2020)


Cat has a BSc in Biological Sciences, and an MSc in Palaeobiology. Her previous work has explored dental evolution in Ornithopod Dinosaurs. Cat’s project aims to explore why quadrupedal animals sometimes have differently sized fore- and hind-limbs, and what this means for their biomechanics. Google scholar

Barbara Grant (PhD, University of Liverpool, co-supervised): Understanding fossil footprint formation and the evolution of human locomotion on compliant substrates (Start Sept 2018)

Barbara has a BA in Archaeology and an MSc in Human Anatomy and Evolution. She is interested in the evolution of hominin locomotion and her PhD is focused on how differences in substrate properties can alter gait characteristics and footprint formation.

Nathan Jackson: Recording range of motion with RaspberryPi (MPhil, start Oct 2019)

Nathan completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology at LJMU in 2018. His project is exploring the accuracy and precision of low cost methods for recording range of motion in cadaveric material.

Visiting Academics

Former Lab Members:


Ikuko Tanaka (2016-2017): Bird footprints and locomotion (Japanese Research fellowship)

Post-grad students

Dr Ryan Marek PhD: The Surrogate Arm: Functional Morphology of the Avian Cervical Column (2015-2020)

Ryan’s PhD examined regionalization and morphology of bird necks, using 3D geometric morphometrics. Google scholar.

Dr Pernille Troelsen PhD: Hydrodynamics of Plesiosaur necks (2016 – 2019)

Pernille’s PhD project was on exploring Plesiosaur biomechanics through digitization and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Google Scholar.

Jordan Peters MRes (Royal Veterinary College, Co-supervised): Computational reconstruction of the giant rhinoceros Paraceratherium (2016-2017)

Previous Lab Visitors

Emanuele Peri: Erasmus student from Pisa, Italy, working on fossil whales.

Undergraduate projects presented or published

  • Shaleen Glasgow (2018) [Presented her work at SICB 2019]
  • Lewis Finch (2017) [Presented his work at SEB 2017]

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