Neural Radiance Fields (NERF), and Instant-ngp – Future of photogrammetry?

I’ve been testing out instant-ngp recently, it’s an open-source software from Nvidia that generates neural radiance fields.  That’s a 3D representation of an object that is fundamentally different from the points or verticies and faces we may be used to.  Rather than representing an object through 3D coordinates, connections between them, and colours (i.e. vertices... Continue Reading →

Free photogrammetry software review: 2017

Given how insanely popular my 'trying photogrammetry software' series has been this year, I thought I'd round up what I've tried, what's worked well, and what hasn't. Obviously I gave each piece of software in my blog posts a go with a standard dataset.  That photo set was not ideal - it includes photos taken... Continue Reading →

Automating free photogrammetry: Scripts I use

[updated 17/12/17 to get rid of unnecessary meshlab portion] [updated 01/04/18 - Updated scripts for version 3.4+ of COLMAP] In a vain attempt to be useful, I want to share the script I'm currently using to automate my photogrammetry workflow. I'm using COLMAP in conjunction with openMVS on Windows 10 at the moment, and I... Continue Reading →

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