Epic games buys RealityCapture developer

This is very exciting news I came across on shuttercg.com – Epic games have acquired Capturing Reality, the developers of Reality Capture.

This is a pretty big deal, I think. Reality Capture was by far, both the quickest and best quality photogrammetry software in my testing. However, their pricing model has been pretty ridiculous, either thousands of pounds for a perpetual license, or a pay-per-image (PPI) system that is quite prohibitive for large datasets.

Reality Capture absolutely nailed my standard dataset.

https://quixel.com/Epic have been great at making software freely available, their Unreal Engine is freely available and is amazing for 3D work (though I’ve yet to move my workflow over to it for anything in particular). Epic also make Quixel, which is a great source of 3D assets.

One of the main announcements is that Epic are looking at making Reality Capture more available:

Epic said one of the goals of the acquisition, beyond it gaining access to one of the leading photogrammetry software suites on the market, was to get the technology in the hands of more customers at more competitive pricing. 

ShutterCG –Epic Games acquires Capturing Reality – SHUTTERCG

I’m really hopeful that that makes Reality Capture available for low prices, if not entirely free for non-commercial use. I’ve found Meshroom to be quite slow, and the texturing and meshing algorithms can struggle sometimes. 3DFZephyr’s affordable ‘Lite’ version is limited to 50 images. Metashape has been great, and is entirely affordable at $59 for educational pricing, but it was slower and produced less nice models than Reality Capture.

Interesting times, and I’m looking forward to what’s coming.

You can read the full article from ShutterCG here: https://shuttercg.com/epic-games-acquires-capturing-reality

{EDIT] – New pricing details are available on the CapturingReality website: FAQ Epic – CapturingReality.com

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