Generating a Photogrammetric model with MeshRecon

Continuing my series of using photogrammetry software, we come to MeshRecon, by Zhuoliang Kang.

This is one of my favourite photogrammetry pipelines, and it’s dead easy to use:

Download the Zip file from Kang’s Webpage here:

Unzip the folder somewhere, and inside are 4 sub-folders (img, meshrecon, results, and vsfm), a readme, and a batch file.

Put all your images (for a single model) in the folder ‘img’ and then double click ‘run’ and wait!

This pipeline actually uses VisualSFM to reconstruct the camera positions (and helpfully includes that program in the ‘vsfm’ folder of the download), then MeshRecon concerns itself only with, well, Mesh Reconstruction.

You can tweak the run.bat file if you like, but so far I’ve seen no need to do so.

If you want to texture the mesh, it’s really simple to do in Meshlab: open the .nvm file as a new project, import the mesh, and project the rasters.  I wrote about this process on my VisualSFM guide.

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