Heron Tracks added to site.

New data uploaded - Heron tracks in mud.

The Historical Photogrammetry Challenge – over to you!

In 2014, colleagues and I published a photogrammetric reconstruction of the Paluxy River dinosaur ‘chase sequence,’ as generated from photographs taken before and during its excavation in 1940. (Blog post here). Photogrammetry has become pretty common now; commercial and open source programs are widely being used by all kinds of people, including palaeontologists, and there are... Continue Reading →

SVP teaser/Playing with renders

I've been trying to jazz up my talk for the Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology conference in Berlin next week, and also been using the opportunity to play with Maya's rendering abilities (and also avoiding writing a lecture!). So, you might expect to see a longer, more polished version of this at my talk at SVP:... Continue Reading →

New tracks added

Very short post to announce there's a couple of tracks added to the resources section - one modern (A deer track), and one fossil (A dinosaur track from Whitby). More complete blog posts to follow soon.

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