New data sets – Horse/Raindrops and a Welly footprint

I’ve uploaded a couple more datasets to the neoichnology section.

Welly Impression

Not a lot to say here, human foot, wearing a wellington boot, in mud.  I recorded this for making a guide (which may appear soon), and thought I may as well upload it and add to the collection.

Nothing to see here, just a nice welly impression in mud.


Horse footprints and raindrop impressions

This is a bit more interesting.  While out walking the other day, I came across a patch of sand in a horse field.  I’ve seen the horses use the sand for dust bathing in summer, but now winter is here, they’ve clearly just been walking over it. I recorded it because it’s a great example of raindrop impressions.  It’s been raining for the last few days (when I took the photos it was the first time in a while that the rain stopped), so these are very recent.

horse and raindrops
Photo-texture (left) and normal map (right) of the horse prints in raindrop spattered sand


We see impressions like this commonly in the fossil record, including around dinosaur footprints, so it’s nice to have a good 3D record of this from the modern day.

The models are available in the Neoichnology section.  Neither has been scaled, but the scale bar is present in the model.

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