PhDs on offer with competitive funding

The LJMU Scholarship scheme has opened once again.

PhD’s on offer:

Unlike previous years where students applied directly after discussing a project with a potential supervisor, this year it is the lead supervisor that submits the application, and we are limited to a single submission.

I’m lead supervisor on this PhD: Biomechanical function of the metatarsals in digitigrade animals.

If this is something you’d like to apply for, email me at before the end of August.

I will then select the most candidate I feel is most appropriate for the PhD, and submit an application to the scholarship fund.

Competition is very high, with probably a less that 10% success rate. You can elect to apply for a fees-only scholarship in case you’re unsuccessful with full funding. Obviously this is less ideal, but does have a greater chance of success, if you can demonstrate you will be able to support yourself (e.g. through a UK govt doctoral loan)

In addition to the above PhD on which I’m lead supervisor, I’ll also be listed as a co-supervisor on the following projects which are working under the same scheme:

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