Publications from 2019

I was involved in some fun research that was finally published last year, and I didn’t have chance to write blog posts for all of it, so here’s a summary of what came out of the Falkingham lab last year: The year started off with a paper led by collaborators at Brown.  My simulation work... Continue Reading →

I really dislike rotation maths!

For the last couple of days and nights, I've been doing my best to try and get my Maya scripts working to convert XROMM animations into input files for LIGGGHTS.  I've previously done this for my paper with Stephen Gatesy, 'The Birth of a Dinosaur Track', but that was a) quite a while ago now,... Continue Reading →

Making footprints without feet

Last week saw the publication of a new paper by me and my colleague Angela Horner concerning the production of traces by terrestrially locomoting lungfish. Lungfish, as their name suggests, are perfectly capable of breathing air.  When the body of water they are living in dries up, they are able to move over land to find... Continue Reading →

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