Changing default values in AliceVision Meshroom

I previously gave you a little script that can run AliceVision MeshRoom from the command line, speeding things up when you have a lot of photos.
However, I rely on some of the parameters being changed, specifically I like to use guided matching and LCSM texturing (because it gives me more robust SFM reconstructions, and a single texture file, respectively).
So, working on the advice of Yann on the google group, here’s how to set-up MeshRoom so it uses those values when run from the command line:

First up, download the source code from here:

Open that zip folder and drag “meshroom-2018.1.0\meshroom” to the desktop.
Go to your extracted files, and navigate to \meshroom\nodes\aliceVision
In here are a bunch of python files for each node. I’m going to open ‘’, search for ‘guided’ and get to lines 119-123. Change value=False to value=True:
From this
To this:

Then save, and open up, where we’re going to change from Basic to LSCM at line 66…
From this:
To this:
Save the file.


Now go to your MeshRoom install (for me, D:\Programs\Meshroom) and delete \lib\meshroom (just the meshroom folder inside lib).
Move your new ‘meshroom’ folder from your desktop into ‘lib’

Done. Now when you run the script, it’ll use guided matching and LCSM. As an added bonus, when you run the GUI version of MeshRoom, you’ll now have guided matching and LCSM unwrapping set as default, so you can just load images and press start.
You can [presumably] change other variables to different defaults in this manner.


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