Introducing my Animals in Motion YouTube playlist


A while back I got a high speed camera from (I’m planning on doing a write up on the camera at some point).

In parallel with a course I’ve been developing and teaching for the first time this year – Animals in Motion – I’ve been capturing various videos of animals moving in slow motion.  I’ve slowly been compiling these videos into a playlist on my YouTube channel, available here:

The results from the high speed camera have been pretty amazing:

In addition to these 1000fps videos, I’ve also been capturing animals when out and about with my smartphone, which can do 240fps.

They are all available on YouTube, and if you want the original source just email me (or get a YouTube video downloader).  If you want to use them to gather data for a publication, let me know and I’ll put the relevant videos on Figshare and make them citable.

Also, as soon as a decent competitor to YouTube comes along (amazon?) I’ll copy the videos across (because YouTube runs like garbage in Edge).

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