New Dinosaur footprints from China + open data

Small post announcing the publication of a new paper:

Xing, L., M. G. Lockley, H. Klein, P. L. Falkingham, J. Y. U. L. Kim, R. T. Mccrea, J. Zhang, W. S. P. Iv, T. A. O. Wang and Z. Wang (2016). “First early Jurassic small ornithischian tracks from Yunnan Province , Southwestern China.” PALAIOS 31(11): 516-524.

Just a small descriptive paper, but of note is that I’ve made the 3D data for one of the tracks available:

Photos + Model can be downloaded from figshare

And the model can be viewed on Sketchfab:

Here’s the track featuring in our Figure 8:

Figure 8 _PLF.jpg


The preservation and morphology of these tracks is really interesting. Those raised areas in the centre seem to imply a very soft substrate.

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