[Academic Tech] Surface Laptop Studio with an eGPU – performance and review.

My last post compared the raw performance of my new Surface Laptop Studio (SLS) against my old Desktop and my wife’s M1 Macbook Pro.  The results were not particularly exhilarating to say the least. The SLS was mostly ok when plugged in, holding it’s own against the MacBook Pro in simple rendering/photogrammetry, but losing out... Continue Reading →

Updated batch script for Meshroom 2021

This is an update of a previous post, because updates to meshroom broke the previous scripts. There's two main changes to Meshroom that have occured: Instead of Meshroom_photogrammetry.exe, you now call meshroom_batch.exeYour scene must have a publish node after the final node. Here's the updated script, and it should be commented appropriately: :: meshroomCMD.bat ::... Continue Reading →

REMBG – a phenomenal AI-based background remover

I've previously detailed my process for removing backgrounds from non-ideal photogrammetry data sets, using Photoshop and it's pretty neat object selection tool. The result of removing backgrounds from images is that you can use the 'void' method, without needing a full photoshooting studio. For instance, I have a lightbox, but it's only good for small... Continue Reading →

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