[Academic tech] Hardware I use – Simulations, photogrammetry, and dissection

In a similar vein to my ‘Software I use’ post, I want to run through what I’m using in terms of hardware in day-to-day use, both directly for research and for general lecturing/computer-y things. Most of what I do these days takes place on the computer, whether that’s simulating dinosaur footprints, or writing/giving lectures, so... Continue Reading →

[Academic Tech] Free software I use (2014)

Being a computery type of palaeontologist, a lot of what I do requires pretty specialist software, and ideally pretty beefy hardware. Being from Yorkshire, I begrudge paying the exceedingly large amounts of money that a lot of the professional software packages demand. But there are better reasons for my thriftiness – using freely available software... Continue Reading →


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