[Academic Tech] Surface Laptop Studio vs m1 MacBook Pro (and vs 7 year-old desktop): photogrammetry and rendering

Ok, I've outlined in my previous post that the Surface Studio Laptop is a lovely device, and a potential candidate for replacing my aging desktop. So the question is, how well does it cope with the kind of workloads I have? Left, the Surface Laptop Pro. Middle - the monitor for my Desktop. Right, the... Continue Reading →

[Academic Tech] Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

A few weeks ago, and with the upcoming Society of Experimental Biology annual meeting coming up, I decided to try out the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. I was interested in a device I could use for taking notes on during talks, much as I have in the past with my Surface devices (mainly the Go... Continue Reading →

[Academic Tech] Sony a6400 ‘review’

A few months back I finally upgraded from my trusty Sony Nex-6 to the newer Sony a6400. I've only just got around to having the time to write a review. This 'review' will very much be a ramble about my feelings using the camera, not a technical, specialist review. If you want one of those,... Continue Reading →

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