Colour matching textures of two models with Photoshop.

Using "color match" in photoshop to make two photogrammetric models made under different lighting conditions, more consistent.

Photogrammetry Testing 8: COLMAP

Here's the original post, and links to all posts I think I've found a new favourite photogrammetry software! Available here:, I actually came across it when I followed back referral to my own site to this thread on Sketchfab, where Mesheritage mentioned COMAP - so full thanks to them! COLMAP has an excellent documentation available... Continue Reading →

I really dislike rotation maths!

For the last couple of days and nights, I've been doing my best to try and get my Maya scripts working to convert XROMM animations into input files for LIGGGHTS.  I've previously done this for my paper with Stephen Gatesy, 'The Birth of a Dinosaur Track', but that was a) quite a while ago now,... Continue Reading →

Photogrammetry testing 7: SMVS (+MVE)

Here's the original post, and links to all posts I have previously outlined my goal of testing multiple photogrammetry solutions on a single dataset, and reporting times and results. I'm using a dataset based on photographs of this Styracosaurus model (I've had it since I was quite young): The dataset has 53 photos in total,... Continue Reading →

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