[Photogrammetry testing] Beholder Vision (cloud based)

I was contacted just before Christmas by Alan Broun from Beholder Vision, asking me to give it a twirl and write about my thoughts. Beholder Vision,, s a cloud-based photogrammetry solution. That means everything runs in the cloud, rather than on your local hardware. I tend to avoid the cloud-based solutions, because I live... Continue Reading →

Updated batch script for Meshroom 2021

This is an update of a previous post, because updates to meshroom broke the previous scripts. There's two main changes to Meshroom that have occured: Instead of Meshroom_photogrammetry.exe, you now call meshroom_batch.exeYour scene must have a publish node after the final node. Here's the updated script, and it should be commented appropriately: :: meshroomCMD.bat ::... Continue Reading →

REMBG – a phenomenal AI-based background remover

I've previously detailed my process for removing backgrounds from non-ideal photogrammetry data sets, using Photoshop and it's pretty neat object selection tool. The result of removing backgrounds from images is that you can use the 'void' method, without needing a full photoshooting studio. For instance, I have a lightbox, but it's only good for small... Continue Reading →

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