Neural Radiance Fields (NERF), and Instant-ngp – Future of photogrammetry?

I’ve been testing out instant-ngp recently, it’s an open-source software from Nvidia that generates neural radiance fields.  That’s a 3D representation of an object that is fundamentally different from the points or verticies and faces we may be used to.  Rather than representing an object through 3D coordinates, connections between them, and colours (i.e. vertices... Continue Reading →

[Academic Tech] Sony a6400 ‘review’

A few months back I finally upgraded from my trusty Sony Nex-6 to the newer Sony a6400. I've only just got around to having the time to write a review. This 'review' will very much be a ramble about my feelings using the camera, not a technical, specialist review. If you want one of those,... Continue Reading →

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