Photogrammery testing 14: AliceVision Meshroom

Testing the newly released binaries for AliceVision Meshroom photogrammetry suite. Continue reading Photogrammery testing 14: AliceVision Meshroom


COLMAP + OpenMVS scripts [Updated]

[updated 10/7/18 to use development version of COLMAP, and include environment variables] It’s been a while since I wrote anything on the blog – an extremely high teaching load has kept me from tinkering. So to ease myself back in, here are updated scripts for running colmap and openMVS automatically.  COLMAP 3.4 changed the way things are called from the command line, breaking my previous script, and the author now recommends using the dev version as standard If you want detail on what each bit does, check out the original post here. Updated COLMAP + OpenMVS script (v3.4+): ColmapScript.bat: ::These … Continue reading COLMAP + OpenMVS scripts [Updated]