Kingfishers, their beaks, and diving – Physical Modeling and CFD.

New paper out today in Royal Society Interface, that I’m rather excited to be a co-author on.  Led by Dr Kristen Crandell from Bangor University, and with her former undergrad Rowan Howe (I believe it start out as his undergrad project), the paper takes a look at how beak shape across kingfishers correlates with lifestyle.... Continue Reading →

I really dislike rotation maths!

For the last couple of days and nights, I've been doing my best to try and get my Maya scripts working to convert XROMM animations into input files for LIGGGHTS.  I've previously done this for my paper with Stephen Gatesy, 'The Birth of a Dinosaur Track', but that was a) quite a while ago now,... Continue Reading →

Stop being so picky, Goldilocks

[This post is about a new paper available freely here] In 2012* with colleagues at Manchester we published a paper entitled ‘The 'Goldilocks' effect : preservation bias in vertebrate track assemblages.’ If I were to give you a simple one-liner for the paper, it would completely undermine the effort went into the paper…   that if... Continue Reading →

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