Kingfishers, their beaks, and diving – Physical Modeling and CFD.

New paper out today in Royal Society Interface, that I’m rather excited to be a co-author on.  Led by Dr Kristen Crandell from Bangor University, and with her former undergrad Rowan Howe (I believe it start out as his undergrad project), the paper takes a look at how beak shape across kingfishers correlates with lifestyle.... Continue Reading →

Making footprints without feet

Last week saw the publication of a new paper by me and my colleague Angela Horner concerning the production of traces by terrestrially locomoting lungfish. Lungfish, as their name suggests, are perfectly capable of breathing air.  When the body of water they are living in dries up, they are able to move over land to find... Continue Reading →

A quick catch up on a couple of 2016 papers

I've been struggling to find the time to get blog posts out recently.  Luckily, I have a morning to do just that! Sauropod tracks First up, we have 'Digit-only sauropod pes trackways from China – evidence of swimming or a preservational phenomenon?' by Lida Xing and a number of colleagues including myself, published in Nature Scientific... Continue Reading →

The birth of a dinosaur footprint

Monday saw the release of a paper that Steve Gatesy and I have been brewing up for the past couple of years.  The paper is published in PNAS, and is titled: The birth of a dinosaur footprint: Subsurface 3D motion reconstruction and discrete element simulation reveal track ontogeny. It's a bit of a long title,... Continue Reading →

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